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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This weekend starts a trio of fun filled weekends for the month of June.

First up, Philadelphia on June 9th. I'm meeting up with listeners of the internet talk show podcast I co-host/produce for the first ever CGS: Philly gathering. CGS: Philly is just one of many communities that have sprung up on our busy forum and it'll be a great way to meet those listeners that are in our backyard. Later that night, I'll meet up with a bunch of theatre friends to eat, drink, laugh and bowl. Let's hope I don't have a repeat of closing night for 42nd Street. I don't want my face in a trash can for hours again. Ugh.

The following weekend is the Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. I'll be driving down for the looooooong trip on the 14th and staying until the 17th. Heroes was my favorite con of 2007. It's medium sized with tons of creators, tons of great shopping and an interesting night life if you can find it. Heh. Really looking forward to going back there again. The homemade pull pork is excellent.

And finally, on June 22 through the 24th you can find me in New York at the MOCCA Comic Arts Festival. It's the heart of the indie circuit and most of the work presented is home made. The creators are there doing their craft for the sheer fun of it and it's wildly different in tone and vibe from other comic book conventions. It's down in Soho so it's away from the tourists and since most of the presenters and attendees are all creators, it's a great place to meet new people and see some exciting work. So looking forward to going back now that I know more than I did even last year about the exhibitors.

So that's where I'll be for the next few weekends.

See you in July!



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