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Saturday, September 27, 2008


That's right, I just finished watching the last two eps in Season 1 of LOST. Yes, it took me this long. Sue me.

So I'm going to jot down my notes so I have them for later. Some of my questions have been answered in the last few eps, so I'm not including those, but there are many many more that remain. (Obviously. Four seasons? Really? Four seasons of this? I'm going to go mad).

NO - I DO NOT WANT ANSWERS OR PEOPLE SPOILING IT FOR ME! I already know too much from casual conversations or listening to other podcasts. But I'm going to do my best to keep clear from now on. (For those wondering, I'm watching the eps on

So here are my notes for Season 1. No laughing.

- what do Jack's tattoos mean?
- a polar bear? really?
- "the monster"
- the rain seems to start/stop instantly
- Kate mentioned she knew Charlie. From just beyond his band?
- the woman said her husband was in the tail section. And still alive.
- Locke is playing Backgammon
- Clair ate the fish from Jin and her baby kicked instantly. The island rejuvenates?
- Where did Jack's father's body go? Was it ever put on the plane with the coffin?
- Jack/Kate/Charlie/Locke were all stung by the bees
- the dead bodies in the cave also had light/dark stones like the Backgammon game
- Charlie's tattoo says "Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed"
- Locke said Charlie would get his guitar back; intuition?
- in the background of the airport, there was a man in black nodding to a pilot; coming later?
- Locke is the only one to see the "monster"; why do I think the island is all controllable, that can allow trees to be uprooted, moved aside, etc.

- Sawyer's reading Watership Down. My favorite book. And one that deals with different "societies". Foreshadowing?

- Rousseau says that "they" control the repeated message now; she also says "they were the carriers"
- Rousseau: "there's no such things as monsters"
- Sayid now hears the voices

- in Claire's dream, Locke has light/dark stones for eyes
- the psychic says that the baby needs Claire's protection and should not be raised by anyone else; power? Messiah? Damian?

- Charlie says "all "they" wanted was Claire"
- a hatch is found

- Locke predicts the weather; how does he know all this?

- Walt is "different"
- Claire's dream mentions the Black Rock in her diary

- is there something between Lin and Sun concerning a baby?
- have Claire and Locke been replaced?

- Sawyer now hears the voices
- is Hibbs missing a finger?
- "It'll come back around"

- Hurley is on the TV in the home Jin goes to
- Jin lied about his dad being dead; lots of father/son issues in this: Michael/Walt, Locke and his dad; Jack and his dad; Jin and his dad and Sun's dad; Sawyer and his dad.

- 4 8 15 16 23 42
- Hurley is a major shareholder of a box company; Locke worked at a box company
- Hurley spent time in a psyche ward where he met Lenny; "you've opened the box"
- Lenny Simms and Sam Toome were in the Navy together and 16 years ago they heard the same transmission that made Rousseau and her people crash; the transmission was the numbers and then replaced by Rousseau's message
- there's a radio tower on the island

- Locke's mother says he's special; like Walt?
- Locke's father is Anthony Cooper
- "We're the survivors of Oceanic 815." "We're the survivors of Oceanic 815."
- a light goes off in the hatch!

- Jack was married!! Why the split?

- Kate's name is Kate Austin
- so why is Kate always running like she says on the casette recording
- Walt tells Locke not to open the hatch

- Walt did not want to get on the plane; but he does want to go on the boat
- Jack meets Ana Lucia - she's in the tail section; to return later?
- What an awesome ending with the raft casting off. Some great emotional moments.

- Locke gets caught by the monster who continues to sound mechanical; gears, clunks, etc. But WTF is that black flying smoke?
- Kate's reward was $23,000 - have more number been appearing?
- Rousseau says they were "coming for the boy"; not Aaron - they were coming for Walt!



  • But the big question is: Did you enjoy the show? Will you keep watching?

    I ask because LOST is an object of obsession for myself.

    And don't worry, a long list of notes is par for the course.

    By Blogger Stefan Delatovic, At September 28, 2008 at 8:15 PM  

  • I did enjoy the show. And yup - I'll keep watching. I'm giving myself a little break - probably go back to watching Justice League episodes - just to absorb the first season fully. I thought the introduction of Rousseau was a little... "off"? I dunno - maybe because in my mind she screams Babylon 5. Or maybe because, although I knew there were others on the island, I didn't know about her character. So it seemed a bit too quick? Not really sure.

    But I'm enjoying it very much. And I'm incredibly surprised at how emotional it can be: Jack saving Charlie's life, the raft taking off and everyone saying goodbye, some great moments between Jack and Kate or Jin and Sun - there's some good stuff in here.

    Although Rose going in and out of the first few eps is trippy. haha.

    By Blogger Peter, At September 28, 2008 at 8:52 PM  

  • When the dog swims out after the raft I suddenly found some grit in my eye.

    A lot of the attention is paid to the show's mythology - which is awesome methinks - but it's the character work that got me hooked.

    Especially in that first season, with a fresh slate of characters being unpicked via flashback.

    Whenever I'm trying to convince someone to drink the LOST Koolaid, I tell them to watch the first three episodes. If they can witness Locke's final "Don't tell me what I can't do" and be unmoved, then I let them go.

    By Blogger Stefan Delatovic, At September 29, 2008 at 2:42 AM  

  • Yea. I love the mythology - keeping notes, seeing the world being built, etc. - but trying to get in their heads is a big draw as well. Wondering what Kate thinks of Sawyer, wondering what's going in Locke's head, etc. This is the good stuff. Sawyer meeting Jack's dad, the light in the hatch going off, Charlie killing Ethan - there have been some real jaw dropping moments as well.

    By Blogger Peter, At September 29, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

  • Congrats on finally boarding the LOST boat (or plane). We're currently watching Season 1 (third time) on G4. It's the perfect show to watch over and over as more pieces of the puzzle fall in to place. Reading over your notes and questions, you will probably get answers to half of them, but expect even more questions to pop up in their place.

    By Blogger allaboutduncan, At September 30, 2008 at 7:43 AM  

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