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Saturday, April 23, 2005


* apologies to Dick Giordano

Okay, I've been away for awhile. I had the flu for about a week and now I'm still recovering from an ear infection. Nice huh?

Anyway, that hasn't stopped me from teaming up with my friend Bryan over at
Comic Geek Speak Podcast and plugging away to bring everyone some fun topics. I've also been reading as much as I can - I'm on a kick to catch up on my reading but to do that, and to get the full effect of what DC is putting out right now, I tried to find a decent starting point. So I'm going all the way back to JSA #1. Eventually, Phil Jimenez' Wonder Woman run will spill into my reading pile, as well as Teen Titans and Outsiders, the Superman books, etc. Eventually I'll read all the DC books I have up to Identity Crisis and from there it's all a big race to Infinite Crisis. I can't wait.

Come visit Comic Geek Speak - we are having a great time and it's spilling over into our Forum Message Board. Hopefully I'll catch up with some things I want to post here on my own blog. I've caught up on all the
books since this latest jumping on point and I have a few things to say about that (if anyone's actually reading haha).

Until then - get out and enjoy Spring. My second favorite season. And not just because all of a sudden every girl seems to shed her winter wear for skimpy shorts. Oh no. Heh.


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