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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Have you ever looked through DC's first Who's Who series from 1984-1986? I mean really looked through to see how many great and surprising artists contributed to the encyclopedic entries?

How about Steve Rude on Blue Beetle, Hawgirl and Poison Ivy? Or Art Adams on Cat-man, Invisible Kid II, Punch & Jewelee, and Scarecrow? Matt Wagner on Dr. Mid-nite? Colleen Doran on Element Lad and Krypto? Kyle Baker on Killer Shark and League of Assassins? Charles Vess on Nightmaster? Dave Stevens on Dolphin and Phantom Lady? Jaime Hernandez on Phantom Girl and Shrinking Violet? Eric Shanower on Speedy? Mike Mignola on Wotan? Steve Dillon on Queen Bee? Wendy Pini on Shaggy Man?

And perhaps my favorite, Peter Laird on Turtle Man?

I don't have time to upload these images at the moment. But if you have the Who's Who series do yourself a favor and look through it again. There are some fantastic images in there from many of DC's stable of artists at the time as well as the surprises listed above and more.



  • That first Who's Who series was responsible for my love and fascination with DC Comics until today...

    My favorites are:
    Nightwing by George Perez
    Robin by Gene Colan
    Justice Society of America by Jerry Ordway

    By Anonymous Andy RS, At January 5, 2009 at 10:27 PM  

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