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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


No tapping today. Boo. But we did the "Habit" number which is always light and fun. My partner for the first part of the dance is a trip. We swear we know each other from somewhere but we haven't nailed down the specifics just yet. Otherwise, we just did music and had some stretches where we just sat.

I found out yesterday that Philly is now smoke free which is just great. I ate at one of my favorite diners this morning and didn't have to worry about smelling like smoke the rest of the day.

Walnut St. is doing "Windy City" at the moment. I bought this CD years ago and gave it one listen. It didn't grab me at all at the time so I'm looking forward to seeing it onstage.

And I'll be living in Philly starting on Monday. Yay!

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