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Friday, August 03, 2007


1. LISTENING TO: Infinite Crisis Audiobook (GraphicAudio).
Definitely more Audiobook than Radio Show, it's quite enjoyable so far. Perhaps the best audio adaptation of this type is the Kingdom Come Audio tapes. But that is meant to be a "radio production" more than what GraphicAudio is offering. Still, with 6 hours in I.C. Part One alone, it's worth a listen and some of the character voices are fairly dead on.

2. SITE I'M BROWSING: Renae De Liz comic & sketch card artist.
Met Renae at this year's Heroes Con and she does great work. From commission work to sketch cards for various companies, she has a painterly approach that is soft and full of character. I especially like her Tigra, Hawkgirl and "Violet" pages.

3. COMIC I'M READING: Atomika (Mercury Comics).
Created and art by Sal Abbinanti, written by Andrew Dabb, Atomika mashes Shazam! and Kirby's Thor with Russian history and myth. I picked up #8 at the recent MOCCA Arts Fest so I sat down and reread the entire run to date. It's a study on the title character set against a Russia that rules the world with industry and Gods. A boy becomes a God but it's not the easiest of journeys. It seems like it's building to an eventual confrontation between some of the main players but the outcome could spell disaster for the rest of the world.

4. SOMETHING I'M WONDERING: About a rumor.
Whatever happened to Hasbro in talks to buy out Marvel?

5. EVENT I'M ATTENDING: Comic News Insider Episode 100!
A live recording hosted by Joe & Jimmy. If you have nothing to do this Saturday August 4th, come check it out. Should be fun!



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