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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


On New Year's Eve, my roommate and I created a drinking game for the A&E reality/documentary show Intervention. Well, last night we put it to the test.

And I got snookered!

Here are the rules (the ones I can remember):
1.If the main focus of the episode does their addiction of choice, take a sip.

2.If a man cries, do a shot. If the same man cries more than once, you can change this into mini-shots.

3.If anyone says "I want the old ______ back" take a shot.

4.If the main subject, after realizing they're at an actual Intervention, leaves the room, take a shot. Keep doing a shot if they continue to enter and leave.

5.If main interventionist Jeff says "Love you like crazy" take a shot.

6.Anytime main interventionist Candy compares the main subject to her own past addiction take a shot and do a dance.

7.If the main interventionist is sweaty Ken or the other chic, drink water.

8.Keep taking sips from the time someone asks during the Intervention "Will you go get treatment?" until the main subject gives their answer. Your mileage may vary on this one.

9.If it's revealed on the Black Screen of Judgment that the main subject falls off the wagon after their rehab, take a shot.

10.In the rare instance there are two interventions in one family, take two shots.

11.If the main subject of the episode dies, do an irish car bomb.

Feel free to substitute drinking with the addiction of the episode (food, gambling, bulemia, etc. Although I wouldn't recommend it.)

Coming next episode: a food addict. Twinkies anyone?

Who says Monday nights aren't fun anymore???


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