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Monday, November 24, 2008


- Thanksgiving is coming up. And at my parents' home, it's a mix of traditional (turkey, stuffing), Puerto Rican (rice) and Pennsylvania Dutch (oyster filling, copes corn). Last year, I gained about 15 pounds during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's, which prompted me to go on the Master Cleanse Lemon Diet to lose it all. Let's not make a repeat of that shall we?

- In December and January I'll be choreographing a mostly tap dance revue show at the Kimmel Center.

- I saw an adolescent cat roaming around the underground Subway tracks while waiting for my ride. He was poking around looking for the vermin that run around between trains. It was the first time I saw a cat on the subway lines. I fully expected him to get zapped by that mythical "third rail". Kitty was cute though.

- In 4 years I'll be 40 (but hopefully still act like I'm 20)

- Saw closing night of the play "Scapin" put on by the high school drama club that I've worked with on and off for the last eight years. They are a great group of students led by a talented and committed adult staff. One of the students was an intern in North Philly for the Obama campaign and her energy and spirit talking about the experience was wonderful and infectious.

- I need to get back on the dating train.

- My youngest sister's dance concert at West Chester was this past weekend and she did wonderful. I'm probably most proud of her when I hear others talk about her and tell me how fun she is to work with and how her spirit keeps everyone jumping. She's my kind of performer.

- Although my birthday was uneventful, not to mention I was a bit sick, I love all the messages I've received on Myspace and Facebook. It was a good day. And my roommate made me cake. Yum.

- I'm gonna miss my Uncle this holiday season.

- I keep seeing and thinking about people I haven't seen in years. It's like the ripple effect of my life is going back to the center again.

- I get happy when I buy candy.



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