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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I read/check Heidi MacDonald's the Beat everyday. I check it first over any other comic news site for the reasons that it's informative, it's (usually) not just a bunch of links to other blogs and it brings back fun times reading Amazing Heroes articles by "Ace" MacDonald.

For example.

In response to her women in the industry post, it was brought up that Fae Desmond, Executive Director of the San Diego Comic-Con, rarely if ever gets mentioned in any kind of lists spotlighting women in comics. And, like Heidi, it definitely gave me an "Of course!" kind of moment. See? Informative.

In a response to the recent the Spirit film release, Heidi wrote open and honestly about how she knows Frank Miller and wasn't going to play the reindeer game of jumping on him for the movie's overall performance, no matter what people may think of that kind of stance. See? Original thought.

So next came the chance to see what she had to say about the ongoing Fox vs WB studio cage-match over the Watchmen movie.

And then I came across the line (emphasis mine): Finally, while fans may be fretting over seeing Carla Gugino in a perky superhero outfit, Paul O’Brien has a useful observation in the comments.

Huh? What? Why is that... who said anything about... isn't that the same as... did she really just write that... ?

Look - I get it. It probably was a low-key, off the cuff comment to make the posting spicy and loose. And who am I to judge? No problem. But not gonna lie; it made me sigh, shake my head, and close the tag.

Whatcha gonna do, right?



  • Heidi is BY FAR the best comix blogger I've ever read. And she's a kickass chick too. I'm glad you spotlighted her!

    By Blogger Adri Leya, At January 2, 2009 at 12:51 AM  

  • I definitely hold her in great regard - and continue to watch to see what's coming next. In fact, looking at my links, she's the only comics blogger I have listed.

    I so need to get a hold of more Amazing Heroes back issues.

    By Blogger Peter, At January 2, 2009 at 1:01 AM  

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