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Thursday, August 09, 2007


(If you're a customer of, you can preorder the Awesome! Anthology at a 45% discount!)


Awesome: The Indie Spinner-Rack Anthology premieres in October to benefit Center for Cartoon Studies

BROOKLYN, NY, July 23, 2007 — Evil Twin Comics, publishers of the ALA and Xeric award-winning Action Philosophers, announced that its benefit book of new comics co-edited by ETC founder Ryan Dunlavey and Charlito & Mr. Phil, hosts of the popular Indie Spinner Rack podcast, will be named after one of ISR's favorite words: AWESOME!

Awesome: The Indie Spinner Rack Anthology features new work from some of indy comics' brightest established stars and hot young up-and-comers including students of Vermont's Center for Cartoon Studios. The complete line-up of artists reads like so:

Al Columbia, Alec Longstreth, Alexis Frederick-Frost, Andy Runton, Ben Towle, Bernie Mireault, Blair Kitchen, Cameron Chesney, Charly "Charlito" La Greca, Chris Duffy, Chris Schweizer, Chuck McBuck, Dave Roman, Dev Madan, Dylan Babb, Frank "The Phranque" Romera, Fred Chao, Fred Van Lente, GB Tran, Georges La Vigne, J Chris Campbell, Jamie Burton, Jamie Tanner, Jason Heller, Jason Zayas, Javier Pineda, Jesse Post, Jon Adams, Joseph Lambert, Josh Cotter, Josh Finney, JP Coovert, Kat Rocha, Kazimir Strzepek, Keith Champagne, Lawrence Etherington, Liz Baillie, Liz Prince, Matt Kindt, Matthew Bernier, Nakiesha Koss, Neil Swaab, Nick Bertozzi, Phil "Mr. Phil" Jackson, Raina Telgemeier, Renee French, Rich Miller, Rich Tingley, Robert Goodin, Robin Etherington, Roger Langridge, Ryan Dunlavey, Sam Hiti, Sarah Oleksyk, Steve Hamaker.

In addition to scores of never-before-published stories, AWESOME features the world premiere of Evil Twin's follow-up to Action Philosophers: Comic Book Comics, the definitive (and irreverent) history of the American comics industry in the inimitable ActPhilo style of Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey.

A free preview of the anthology is available at the official AWESOME web site:

Half the net profits from AWESOME will go to defray the expenses of producing the Indie Spinner Rack show; the other half will be given to the Center for Cartoon Studies, the school for comics artists co-founded and directed by cartoonist James Sturm in White River Junction, Vermont.

"Indie Spinner Rack, like the Center for Cartoon Studies, is committed to nurturing and supporting independent voices in cartooning. I'm honored and grateful that Evil Twin has chosen to support CCS and its students," said James Sturm, director of the Center for Cartoon Studies, earlier in the year.

AWESOME: THE INDIE SPINNER RACK ANTHOLOGY is 205 Black and White pages, retailing for $14.95 (Diamond Order Code: AUG07 3629). It hits stores in October, having its world debut at this year's Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.



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