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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The weekend is over and our Episode 300 was a success. It's crazy to think that over 150 people traveled to Reading Pa. from all over the country (and one guy from the UK) to come and celebrate comics with our podcast. It's an amazing community of people that I consider friends. Surprisingly, the weekend wasn't too quick and it didn't drag. It moved along at a great pace while we set up, signed people in, made the creators feel comfortable, talked, laughed, etc. Everyone seemed to be incredibly excited and happy and the money was flowing which was great for Lem at Golden Eagle Comics. I met new people, saw old friends, finally talked with people I only talk with through our forums. My co-host Bryan busted his ass to make this a worthwhile event and it happened.

During the actual Episode 300 recording, I think I teared up at least five times. It's not just about people hanging out. It's about people wanting to share their joy and their excitement and their passion for a similar interest. That's no different than coming together for a sporting event, a business, music - whatever. I have no regrets about the weekend and hell - I walked out of there with an iPod Nano from Bryan. How awesome is that.

We're already making plans for next year - bigger and better - so I hope to see even more new people attend.

If anyone would've told me in March'05 that by Sept'07 we'd be running our own convention, I would've scoffed. But here we are.


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