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Friday, August 31, 2007


Just got back from NY (and boy are my gams tired) after finishing up the first three rehearsals for my Commerce Bank gig. I got another great bunch of people to work with - they are fun, they are energetic, they are New York. I'll have three more rehearsals with them before the tech/performance. Great group.

While in NY, I managed to see my college chum Jen; a friend from a previous CBank gig, Kat; hung out with the CGS: New York crew (Raph, Ian, Jeff, Mitch, Penelope, Mike, Dave Ryan and Joe from CNI); artist Fred Chao and his girl Dylan (Dillon?); animator Todd Wahnish; fellow theatre friend David D.; and of course the other CNI podcast host Jimmy - he-who-knows-the-best-bars-in-NY. Our night out at Don't Tell Mama's was hilarious.

The hotel I stayed in, on the night that I was out until 4:30am, decided to play a practical joke on me. The shower head fell off, hit the on lever and spat water flooding my bathroom, the hallway to the door and part of the room itself. I was moved to another room the next morning but damn if that wasn't weird hearing the shower running as I was walking into the place. It was like a Penthouse Forum letter that didn't actually come true. Boo.

I managed to walk around the Times Square although I didn't see a show - I was rehearsing 6:00 to 10:00. I was hoping to maybe catch a matinee sometime, especially of an off-broadway show. I just want to see something "different". And, other than food and drinks, I managed to not spend too much money shopping. Good for Rios.

Now I'm back in Reading for the weekend. I might be going to Philly on Saturday for the Barrymore Awards. 42nd Street was nominated for a few awards including Best Ensemble. That's me!

Really looking forward to when this gig kicks into high gear. The bankers are great, my fellow dancers are always a blast, I can't wait to start creating the opening tap number, and it all brings me that much closer to moving back to Philly.


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