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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

DAY 4,5, AND 6

Ugh. That's the best way to describe how my Saturday went. It wasn't so much that I was feeling bad or was hungry. I had a few more trips to the bathroom which was to be expected by this point I assume. My stomach at times felt knotted, again which was expected. Nothing painful, just a feeling. I drank the lemon mix and it was the first day where I was thinking about how boring the drink was becoming. The same thing again and again. About mid-evening I was getting a little punchy, laughing about something silly I saw online - and then laughing at how much I was laughing. It was a surreal 10-15 minutes. Haha. Probably the worst day so far but not by much.

I knew I would be traveling today so I didn't drink the tea. I didn't want to have to make any emergency stops while going to Reading. I drank my lemon drink before I left and took most of the ingredients home with me to make a batch there. It was tough being at home on Superbowl Sunday. And, sad to say, I broke. Sorry Kelley! I ate a slice of pizza, some chicken wings and a piece of cake for my dad's birthday. And boy did I regret it a few hours later. My body quickly got rid of it. I wasn't in pain, but I definitely felt discomfort. This wasn't the best way to introduce food back into my system. My mom did comment that I looked thinner. And I certainly feel thinner. Even though I ate, I didn't really want to eat a lot. I didn't just gorge like I usually do.

I ate very little today. Cake, some wings. Some salami pieces. Again, very little. I just didn't feel like eating. Unlike yesterday, I didn't have discomfort but my body still got rid of it all eventually in the night. I tried some clothing on today from a friend - and they fit incredibly well. The last time I tried on some of his stuff, it fit a little too snug. But because I lost weight all around my waist, stomach and back, it was snug at all. It felt good. That's incentive to keep going and keep exercising. I feel like myself again - or the me I was a year or so ago. I'm looking forward to going back on the drink and maybe I'll spend the rest of the week back on the Cleanse to finish it out.

So I went 4.75 days before I gave in. But I can honestly say that I want to go back on and go for another 5 days to see what happens.



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