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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


May 20th is 6 months to my actual birthday. So I'm celebrating. Weeeeeee!

An update:

- I'm working at the Prince in a production called Jamaica. It's been ... interesting so far.
- I'll be missing both MOCCA and Heroes Con this year. Which is a bummer. But I'm on track to head out to San Diego Comic Con for a week. Yikes!
- CGS is getting bigger and bigger and things are in the works to make it really big.
- Fulton is doing 42nd Street in Lancaster. Yay! Must audition.
- Secret Project 1 is in the works.
- Secret Project 2 is in my head.
- I still haven't seen Iron Man. Indiana Jones is this week.
- I need a girlfriend. haha.


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