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Monday, June 16, 2008


from ComicSpace:

Hi all,

As Group Editor of AAM/Markosia, I'm often asked to review portfolios at comics shows here in the UK - but these shows are few and far between, and we have a number of projects with writers attached, looking for artists.

Let me tell you a little of what we've got on offer - there are four projects in varying stages of writing, which we're looking to put out in 2009, first as full colour monthlies, then as the collected edition. Some of these have the potential to go onto multiple series, but here's what's on offer initially:-

one is a modern day zombie tale set predominantly in London

one is a post-apocalyptic tale focusing on a robotic survivor

one is a cross between "Days of Future Past" and Gattaca

one is modern day tale featuring DNA tweaks to enhance brain power having unusual side effects

From these rather short descriptions, get in touch with me craigjohnsonesq at aol dot com and we can talk.

Best, Craig.



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