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Monday, October 23, 2006


One week done. Man does Tuesday - the first day we rehearsed - seem so long ago. We ran over most of Act One today skipping parts here and there. It went fairly well. There are a few parts that stray too far from the traditional I'm finding. Not that it needs to be staged the same way as previous versions, but there are certain nuances and styles that should play in the same world. I'm sure it'll all smooth out eventually.

The ensemble had a great moment of togetherness today. We were asked to audition for the opening lines of the whole show. "Julian Marsh is doing a show!" "Jobs!" etc etc. We made it into this little spoof on auditioning and laughed and cheered for the people who finally got the lines. Much fun.

I also hit South St. today. Basically down to the comic shop and for some pizza. And Tower is going out of business! It'll be gone by December. Yikes.

So looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I need to pack and move in to the hotel tomorrow night. I'm bringing a short box of comics to take with me so I can read read read. Yay!

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