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Monday, October 30, 2006


Week two of 42nd Street ended on Sunday night - the show is basically all blocked and choreographed and we had our first "walk-thru". It's rough in many places but we have until Nov.7th - the first official Preview - to clean it all up while adding costumes, lights, costume changes, etc. We get onstage this Wednesday which will be the first of many adjustments.

The cast is solid but at the moment, the little things that make 42nd Street 42nd Street are missing. Some of these moments will find themselves as we keep connecting for sure. Others may never appear. I've done the show twice - and have "lived" with the show when the ex went on tour in 2002-2003 and then onto Broadway from 2003-2004. I then choreographed the show in the summer of 2005. So I see unfinished moments or beats and choreography that just doesn't seem to fit. It'll still be a good show - because the cast is strong - and the audience may not notice anything. But diehard musical lovers will. But I'm still having fun and I love being back in Philly.

I don't have a computer with me in Philly so my updates will be scarce. And, I'm currently on my Monday day off back in Reading, to find that my home computer has been obliterated by careless family members and Best Buy can't process a financial plan from my crazy credit.

Oh joy.

So if I seem hard to get or if I seem like I've vanished - just now I'm busy rehearsing or watching TV like a zombie or I'm soaking in epsom salts or sleeping like a bear during winter.


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