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Monday, November 06, 2006


Holy hell. We went from finishing Act Two on Tuesday to running a Dress Rehearsal in front of a small audience by Sunday. How did that happen??

It's crazy when shows come together like that. Well... it's not all together. But the show is there at least. We were onstage by Wednesday just spacing and reblocking and changing choreography to get used to the sets and drops and such. Our first chance at the madness called costume changes was Saturday night and Sunday day. We got through the show just once before the invited audience on Sunday night. So there were still problems - missing pieces, missing people onstage - but it worked. Somewhat. The dressers helping us are amazing and dealing with tons of costumes and shoes and placing them where they need to be. They did a bangup job though. Just hope those actors that are a little more needy than others don't drive the dressers insane.

I think most people just underestimate this show. It's huge. Not just all the scenes and the productions numbers but the costumes as well and the choreography of placing them where they need to be in order to change. But it is fun and makes the show go by very fast. There's no downtime in Act One. Act Two is lighter for sure but it's only 45 minutes or so, so the time really flies. Once the show goes up we'll be in by 7:30 for half hour, start at 8:00 and out by 10:30. That's a nice workday. Heh.

I'm staying in Philly today on my day off. Need to get wash done, shop for some food, read some comics and just relax my body and brain. I didn't want the hassle of travelling today. But soon enough, understudy rehearsals will start, our Previews will happen and next week will be Opening. Huzah.

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