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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just when you think you can't get any crazier during a show, today I found out that one of our girls had to leave the show because of an injury. She had two fractures and a torn ligament in her foot. It happened during rehearsals and just got progessively worse. I worked with her in my first WST show, Singin' in the Rain and she was my "partner" in We're in the Money.

So this morning, after a quick audition, we have a new replacement. Most of the afternoon's rehearsal was sticking her into only two numbers which she performed in tonite's first Preview.

The Preview went surprisingly well. There were many line flubs from the leads - which I guess is nerves. And only a few costume glitches. But for the most part it went off fairly well. The shape of the musical, the story and plot, is still a bit nebulous but overall we entertain and we keep it going. And I even think we had fun.

We have until next Wednesday - our official Opening Night - to work out any bugs. But then after that - the show is all ours and the fun begins.

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