Peter's Comic Book Ramblings

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


So, I got a blog. OoOOOoooo. Who doesn't now-a-days? Oh well. So here are some things I'm working on and will post eventually once I'm all finished:

-updating my comicbook website. Located here.
-compiling a chronological list of my comics to begin an account of how my comics collecting evolved and how I became known as a Comics Knowledge Monster (in my own circle of friends that is)
-a timeline of events for the comic book world (industry news, release dates of important books/movies/etc., major events of comic book pros, etc.)

This is what I do with my spare time. Which, having just moved to NY two months back, I seem to have alot of.


"IT'S A GO."

Here I am. My first attempt to channel all the thoughts/activities that I lose myself in concerning my all-time favorite hobby of comic book collecting.

Enter at your own risk.