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Monday, August 15, 2005

"Coming Attractions: October 2005"

Flipping through Previews for October. Some highlights for ya':

(Dark Horse)

NEXUS ARCHIVES vol.1 by Mike Baron & Steve Rude. Damn does this look beautiful. It was a series in the '80s I always thought to pick up but just never did. And here it is in all its space opera loveliness. Heh.

(DC Comics)

BATMAN: UNDER THE HOOD tpb by Winick, Mahnke, Nguyen, etc. It's the return of You-Know-Who and for 35% off of the listed price of $9.99, it's worth it to me to see what the hoopla is all about.

INFINITE CRISIS #1 by Geoff Johns & Phil Jimenez. C'mon, you gotta be just a little interested in what's going to happen, right? I bet you even those superhero comic bashers out there are going to pick this one up. You know you want to. It's like crack. You tasted a huge crossover once 20 years ago and you're just dying for another hit. It'll make you feel good.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: METAMORPHO vol.1 by Haney, Fox, etc. Rex Mason lives! Element Girl! Romana Fradon! Brave & the Bold! Don't ask just buy!!!

SOLO #7 by Mike & Lee Allred. Batman on the cover doing the Batusi. What more do you need?

(Marvel Comics)

NICK FURY'S HOWLING COMMANDOS #1 by Keith Giffen. It's Mr. Giffen. It may not last long but for those 6 to 12 issues it's going to be fun!

SECRET WAR #5 by awwwww who cares. It's over. I can finally put these up on eBAY. Out damn spot. Out!

new THUNDERBOLTS #13 & 14 by Nicieza & Grummett. Look ma! Honest-to-gosh real superhero comics in the Marvel Universe! No Houses. No Astonishing storylines. No Heroes from the grave. Just fun frollickin' testosterone filled supercomic goodness. Whew!


HOW TO DRAW vol.2 Did you see the first? It's good. It's surprisingly good. The How To guides are by no means indepth but it's a good stating point for young beginners who may want to pursue a career in comics later in life. If I had some of these things when I was 12-14, I may have wanted to go beyond swiping and actually draw.

(TwoMorrows Publishing)

BRAVE & THE BOLD: ART OF JIM APARO sc. It's an unfortunate coincidence that this retrospective is coming out shortly after Mr. Aparo's death. It wasn't meant as a tribute and yet that's what it has become. For me, Aparo's Batman is the Batman I grew up with. I look forward to looking at all his clean artwork and with Scott Beatty at the helm, this is sure to be a pleasure to look through.