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Friday, September 28, 2007


...I'm really thankful I'm single and make my own hours. No one to check in with, no one to coordinate plans with, just me and my own time.

This wasn't one of those days.


Nothing a drink can't fix right? haha.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The weekend is over and our Episode 300 was a success. It's crazy to think that over 150 people traveled to Reading Pa. from all over the country (and one guy from the UK) to come and celebrate comics with our podcast. It's an amazing community of people that I consider friends. Surprisingly, the weekend wasn't too quick and it didn't drag. It moved along at a great pace while we set up, signed people in, made the creators feel comfortable, talked, laughed, etc. Everyone seemed to be incredibly excited and happy and the money was flowing which was great for Lem at Golden Eagle Comics. I met new people, saw old friends, finally talked with people I only talk with through our forums. My co-host Bryan busted his ass to make this a worthwhile event and it happened.

During the actual Episode 300 recording, I think I teared up at least five times. It's not just about people hanging out. It's about people wanting to share their joy and their excitement and their passion for a similar interest. That's no different than coming together for a sporting event, a business, music - whatever. I have no regrets about the weekend and hell - I walked out of there with an iPod Nano from Bryan. How awesome is that.

We're already making plans for next year - bigger and better - so I hope to see even more new people attend.

If anyone would've told me in March'05 that by Sept'07 we'd be running our own convention, I would've scoffed. But here we are.


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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Message to Warren Ellis

On Sept.17, Warren Ellis put out this Bad Signal message:

“I’ve got to admit, I’d rather eat broken glass than listen to a podcast about comics. I mean, the only comics-related websites I look at anymore are Journalista and The Comics Reporter.

“Oh, and to answer a few comments: no, I’m not looking for high production values in podcasts. But I’m also not looking for a gaggle of hillbillies yakking away about nothing in their fucking meth lab. The podcast guides are full of this shit. “Skeeter and Mothra are cousins, brother and sister and husband and wife, and every morning on trailer-radio they shriek in an unknown language about the price of Sudafed while their eighteen children rape dogs in the parking lot outside.” Fuck the democratisation of radio. That’s nothing but retarded people trying to emulate what they already hear on American radio.”

Well Mr. Moore... I mean Mr. Ennis... I mean Mr. Ellis, you obviously know nothing about comics podcasting.

It's about reaching thousands of people using a free distribution method to keep them informed and entertained (Bad Signal anyone?).

It's about introducing readers to new genres, creators, publishers and comics. You know - comics such as Authority, Planetary, Transmet, Black Summer, etc.

It's about 3 creators at a comics podcasting event stating they've made more money in 7 hours from 150 attendees than in two days at a major convention boasting over 20,000 thousand.

It's about being excited about this art form in a way that is growing the community, not dividing or ridiculing it.

It's about this, this, and this.

So by all means, Mr. Ellis, do the comics podcasting community a favor and chew away.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


...Most likely I will be away from my computer for a good solid three days - Friday thru Sunday - as I romp around with my comic geek friends at our annual celebration. We've hit 300 Episodes for our podcast and we're doing it up big time at our local comic shop here in Reading, Pa. We have 130 people coming from all over the country to shop, meet, talk, laugh, drink, etc. Also, we've invited 25+ creators to help make the weekend special. All in all, we're looking at close to 175 people just because of a podcast. How cool is that?

So if you're near Reading, come to the Episode 300 bash at Golden Eagle Comics at the Fairgrounds Square Mall, Saturday Sept. 22 from 9 to 6:00.

Rock on.

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Friday, September 07, 2007


Birthdays, anniversaries, etc for the month of September. Additions, corrections and comments most welcome!

(Listed below are the birthdates of various figures in and around the industry. Yes - that even includes Janeane Garofalo since she was in the Mystery Men movie. So there.)

SEP. 08: Avi Arad (1947)
SEP. 09: Michael Keaton (1951)
SEP. 15: Maurice Coyne (1901) Publisher/Co-Founder of Archie Comics.
He's the "M" of M.L.J. (1901)
SEP. 16: Mike Mignola and Kurt Busiek (1960)
SEP. 17: Bryan Singer (1965)
SEP. 19: Adam West (1929)
SEP. 20: John Dell (1965)
SEP. 21: Chuck Jones (1912)
SEP. 21: Stephen King (1947)
SEP. 24: Jim Henson (1936)
SEP. 25: Christopher Reeve (1952)
SEP. 28: Janeane Garofalo (1964)
SEP. 29: Russ Heath (1926) co-creator of Haunted Tank, Marvel Boy
and the Sea Devils.

SEP. 10: Denny O'Neil suffers a massive heart attack in a restaurant. He is revived by the owner of the restaurant who happened to be a fireman and had a defibrillator machine on the location. He tells this story in the Comic Geek Speak interview found here.

SEP. 08: the New Batman/Superman Adventures cartoon series begins
SEP. 09: Burgess Meredith dies at age of 89
SEP. 16: Marvel and its lenders reach a tentative agreement to settle Marvel's bankruptcy debt.
SEP. 22: Incredible Hulk animated series begins on UPN

SEP. 05: Batman the Animated Series airs for the first time on Fox

SEP. 01, 1974: SHAZAM! TV series premieres on CBS
SEP. 04, 1978: Conan newspaper strip runs until February 10, 1985
SEP. 06, 1996: Superman the Animated Series debuts on the WB
SEP. 06, 2000: Ultimate Spider-Man 1 hits the stands
SEP. 07, 1998: Pokemon cartoon airs on American TV for the first time
SEP. 08, 1930: Blondie comic strip first appears
SEP. 08, 1973: Super Friends cartoon show debuts on ABC
SEP. 10, 1966: Bob Kane's Cool McCool animated show debuts on NBC and the New Adventures of Superman cartoon series debuts on CBS
SEP. 10, 1998: Daredevil 1 (coverdate Nov'98) by Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada debuts the Marvel Knights line
SEP. 12, 1993: Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman live action TV pilot debuts on ABC
SEP. 14, 1968: the Batman/Superman Hour airs on CBS (the first ever Batman animated series)
SEP. 17, 1988: Superman cartoons debuts on CBS Saturday mornings produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises (and lasts for one season)
SEP. 23, 1998: Buffy 1. BTVS comes to comics in her own title
SEP. 26, 1941: Max Fleischer's and Paramount Pictures' Superman cartoons begin with "the Mad Scientist" (costing $50,000)
SEP. 30, 1946: Detective Comics Inc. and All-American Publications merge to form National Periodical Publications (known today as DC Comics). The two companies were closely partnered before (the DC logo appeared on All-American comics for several years) but this marks the official consolidation.

SEP. 01, 2004: Acclaim files for bankruptcy

(These comics didn't ship in September - usually cover dates feature a date that is two months after initial release - but for my purposes, it keeps with the theme.)

SEP'36: Wow! What a Magazine 3: Bob Kane's first work
SEP'38: Jumbo Comics 1: Jack Kirby's first work
SEP/OCT'47: Young Romance 1 by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby
SEP'53: Daring Love 1 from Gilmore Productions: Steve Ditko's first published comic work (pencils & inks). Also, Mighty Mouse in 3-D: brainchild of artist Joe Kubert and St. John Publishing, which would kick off a year long fad.
SEP/OCT'56: Showcase 4: first appearance of Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash and the start of the Silver Age
SEP'61: Flash 123: the Silver Age Flash meets the Golden Age Flash
SEP'63: Avengers 1 and X-Men 1
SEP'66: Spyman 1: Jim Steranko's first work
SEP'69: Justice League of America 74: Black Canary joins the JLA
SEP'74: Batman 258: first appearance of Arkham Asylum created by Denny O'Neil based on the book by Jack C. Harris and HP Lovecraft
SEP'83: Sword of the Atom 1
SEP'85: Longshot 1: first appearance of Longshot. The art by Art Adams starts a craze among young artists.
SEP'86: Superman 423: Alan Moore's "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow" part I. Also, Watchmen 1: first issue of the
groundbreaking maxiseries by Moore and Dave Gibbons.
SEP'87: Legion of Super-Heroes 38 (baxter run): death of the Pre-Crisis Superboy.
SEP'88: Animal Man 1: Grant Morrison's first American comic work
SEP'91: Wizard the Comics Magazine 1 premieres
SEP'95: Nightwing 1: the first sidekick finally gets his own series.
Also, Skull Kill Krew 1: Grant Morrison comes to Marvel
SEP'00: Sentry 1: Marvel's hoax premieres

SEP. 15-16, 1988: the two days fans had to vote on the death of Robin that would be presented in Batman 428 (Dec'88/Jan'89). 5343 for death, 5271 for life.


Thursday, September 06, 2007


These stories have been a blast to read and are highly entertaining, original and educational to boot. Originally scheduled to ship in July, this is the final issue of the run (two trades are out so far) and I'm looking forward to the next topic: Comic Book History!


One More Day begins. This is the last leg of the roller coaster ride that's been the Straczynski run. My prediction: Skrulls, clones or the return of the real Peter Parker. Wouldn't that cause a shitstorm?


My sister owns a successful flower shop. I've helped to set up hundreds of weddings over the 20 years of working with her. So I have firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of planning for a wedding. I'll be studying this issue with a keen eye. (I'm kidding... mostly.)

Brian K. Vaughan takes over. -crosses fingers-



Hadn't heard much about this until this week. More info can be found here.

The original Infinity Inc., with its generational premise and connection between the JSA and their children, has a place in my heart for the Ordway art, the slick Baxter paper and the introduction of some of the coolest looking characters of the time. They've managed to survive somewhat gracefully over the years but the title never resurfaced. It's back now though - this time with a new premise ripped from the pages of the brilliant 52. Will it survive?

Two weeks late.

MPD PSYCHO VOL 2 TP (Dark Horse)

NEGATIVE BURN 12 (Desperado)
I have a few of these anthologies and they never seem to disappoint. Check 'em out if you got some extra cash.


Final issue.

Originally scheduled to ship in June. Interesting story.

SORROW 1 (OF 4) (Image)
Buying this for Francesco Francavilla's artwork alone. You know him from Ape Entertainment's Black Coat. (Or you should). It's five weeks late though, so hopefully it doesn't take too long to finish. I've recently stopped ordering a bunch of Boom Studios! books because of inconsistent shipping (or not at all). It makes it tempting to not order and just pick up at conventions for cheap.


At $19.99, this is pricier than it should be for four issues and three specials. But I love this story. It was this mini-series (and Action Comics) that introduced me to Gil Kane the artist and I've been a fan since. It also gave Ray Palmer/Atom more personality than any of the JLA issues I read at the time. Considering what DC is doing with Atom at the moment, this could be important on some level.