Peter's Comic Book Ramblings

Sunday, February 15, 2004

"Sunday in my Office with Howard"

(Shhhh, it's not really my office. It's the guest bedroom so-to-speak. But we'll call it my office anyway. Just don't tell Vanessa.)

Anyway, I'm here listening to old tapes of the Howard Stern Show and just rummaging through my list of Comic Book Site Favorites. There have been some interesting events (to me at least) in the past week or so. Such as:

-the release of Brian Michael Bendis' Secret War from Marvel (which is the 20th Anniversary of the original Secret Wars mini-series); the conclusion of Geoff Johns' "Black Reign" story from JSA/Hawkman.
-the news of WB canceling Joss Whedon's Angel after this season and the FX Channel showing the final season of Buffy (which I didn't see during it's original run).
-the completely anti-climactic news that Kevin Smith will be finishing his two majorly delayed Marvel mini-series, Spider-Man/Black Cat: the Evil that Men Do and Daredevil/Bullseye: the Target.
-the sad passing of DC's premiere Editor, Julius Schwartz, on February 8th at the age of 88. Mr. Schwartz is the revolutionary editor that is most known for bringing about what became known as "the Silver Age" of comics with the introduction of a new Flash (Barry Allen).

I'm still trying to decide where this blog will go. Most blogs are just snippets of news events and links to various other blogs or news sites. Most of my interest lies in Comics History and Trivia. So we'll see where this all goes.


P.S./ The title of this post is a reference to my favorite Broadway Musical Sunday in the Park with George by Stephen Sondheim.