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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I don't know why. But I can't stop laughing at this: espcially the mailbox slot and the ATM machine. Everything poops.

Everything Poops

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Read it here. Very cool.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


I found three pages of notes with the title "100 Things DC".

Most likely, it was a follow-up to the 100 Things I Like About Comics meme I participated in that was kicked off by Fred Hembeck's 1983 strip. Unfortunately, I lost the general 1oo Things I Like About Comics list so I'm slowly trying to recreate it.

But this secondary follow-up list, for all things DC, is intact. I'm not sure when this was compiled, maybe 2007? Anyway, I present it here as it appears in my notes, with no explanations or commentary. I'll try to revisit the list to sharpen my ideas later, but for now, here it is in its rawest form:

1. Challenge of the Super-Friends
2. Superman Movie @ drive-in
3. Lynda Carter's WW
4. Superman II
5. Batman TV show
6. CptCarrot/JLA 210/NTT 28
7. Superboy TV show
8. Lois & Clark
9. Flash TV show
10. Amethyst
11. Jemm
12. 16 page previews
13. corner/border headshots (JLA/JSA)
14. Forgotten Heroes in Action
15. Jerry Ordway (A.S.Squadron / Inf.Inc)
16. Blue Devil
17. Perez
18. LSH/NTT/Oustiders Baxter
19. Detroit JLA
20. Annuals & Specials
21. Direct Currents
22. Ask the Answer Man
23. Fred Hembeck
24. the Flash trial
25. Who's Who
26. Ambush Bug/Giffen
27. Crisis
28. DCCPresents
29. a new Robin (Jason Todd)
30. Supergirl's new costume
31. Aquaman's new costume
32. BATO
33. Gil Kane
34. Atari Force
35. Wein/Gibbons GL
36. Alan Moore's Swamp Thing
37. 'Mazing Man
38. Blue n Gold
39. Whatever Happened to the Man of T.
40. 1986 (Watchmen, Supes revamp, DKR, Bats YR 1, History of the DCU, Perez WW, Question)
41. JLI
42. Superboy dies
43. Batman movie
44. Millennium
45. Longbow Hunters/Hawkworld/Fall of Adam Strange/Blackhawk/Black Orchid/Emerald Dawn/Books of Magic
46. another new Robin
47. 5 Years Later Legion
48. summer events (A:2001, Eclipso, Bloodties, w/bookends)
49. Silver Age curse
50. Zero Hour
51. Starman
52. Vertigo
53. GNs
54. Animal Man
55. Preacher
56. Invisibles
57. Waid's Flash
58. Morrison's JLA
59. Wildstorm moves to DC
60. Kingdom Come
61. Phil Jimenez
62. Twilight
63. Batman Animated
64. PAD's Aquaman (& Atlantis Chronicles)
65. Birds of Prey
66. Suicide Squad/Ostrander
67. Grummett on Titans
68. Golden Age
69. DC 1 Million
70. Jack Kirby dies/discovering Kirby
71. Kitson's LEGION
72. Transmet
73. HCs (Earth 2, V & Vice, Life of Flash, etc.)
74. Dixon/McDaniel's Nightwing
75. JLA/Avengers
76. Smallville
77. Quiver
78. Alan Davis' the Nail
79. Secret Files & Origins
80. Young Heroes in Love
81. Our Worlds at War
82. Loeb's Superman
83. sidekicks grow up
84. Geoff Johns
85. the Trinity
86. JSA returns to greatness
87. a new Hawkgirl
88. Didio's DC
89. JLA/Titans
90. McGuiness on Superman/Batman
91. Rags on Hawkman
92. New Frontier
93. new DC Bullet
94. Identity Crisis
95. road to Infinite Crisis
96. Adam Strange
97. Hal Jordan returns
98. Gail Simone / VUnited
99. 52
100. Batman Begins

and one for good luck:
101: DK's DC Encyclopedia


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


You know how Watchmen 1-12 is selling like gangbusters on Ebay right now? Everyone screaming: Near Mint! Rare! First printings!

Okay folks - come on. They're not that rare. Before the trailer hit you could sell your run for $12 if you were lucky. And I could be wrong on this, but other than the first issue, there have never been second prints of any of the issues. Technically, there wasn't a reprint of the first issue either - just one of those DC Millennium editions from 2000 or so when they were reprinting classic issues in their line. So putting in bold FIRST PRINT is stupid and misleading. Because that's all there ever was!

So if you didn't know that, and that's important to you, just know that first printing is all you can actually get anyway.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

(And nothing irks me more than an auction going for over $300 plus and the seller, apparently a comic store that is selling multiple runs, listing in the description: Alan Moore writer and art by Steve Dillon! Way to go moron.)


Friday, August 15, 2008

JIMSMASH DOES THE WORK... you don't have to.

It's your WTF? moment of the week.

(And yes, I do see the irony of me copying and pasting someone else's work in order to spotlight a blogger who is copying and pasting someone else's work to showcase someone in the industry who is copying and pasting someone else's work. ha!)


Saturday, August 09, 2008


Derek Coward brought this to attention via Twitter.

Wonder Woman as visualized by Jamie McKelvie.


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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Just came across this cool looking new project on Myspace:

For more info, check out their Myspace page.



PressRelease@rama has preview images for Final Crisis #3 and already it's starting a shitstorm concerning JG Jones' artwork.

"It looks rushed! I knew he couldn't do a monthly comic! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha"

"It's clearly not even JG at all, it's obviously Carlos Pacheco!"

"Marvel wins again! Even though Civil War #7 and World War Hulk #5 were sloppy messes, at least it was the same artist!"


It makes me really happy that this kind of hawk-watching wasn't around during the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. What am I talking about?

Let's have a look.

Crisis 1 & 2:
Penciller: Perez
Inker: Giordano
Colorist: Tollin

Crisis 3:
Inkers: Giordano and DeCarlo

Crisis 4:
Layouts: Perez
Finishes and inks: Decarlo

Crisis 5:
Pencils: Perez
Inks: Ordway

Crisis 6:
Colorist: Ziuko

Crisis 7:
Inks: Ordway and Giordano

Crisis 8:
Inks: Ordway
Colors: Tollin

Crisis 11:
Colors: Gafford

Crisis 12:
Colors: Ziuko

Can you imagine 12 months of that kind of backlash because of that amount of creator shuffle? Because let's be honest, Crisis didn't hit its stride artistically until Ordway came on to the team. Perez would've had his nervous breakdown even earlier than he did in his career had these kinds of comments been tossed around so authoritatively.

You know why we didn't care? Because the story and the concept and the execution and the EXCITEMENT was overflowing.

Get a grip, people! Get out of the nitpicking, stop echoing talking points presented by competing editors and publishers, read it yourselves and enjoy it or don't enjoy it.

If you're going to base a comic on 4 preview pages on a computer screen you're in this for the wrong reasons.