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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So I took my day off from 42nd Street and visited NYC for some shopping, friends and general merriment. I managed to avoid the swell of tourist gawkers around Rockefeller Plaza and Times Square while chomping on a vendor hotdog and NY pizza. Yum.

Shopped at Hanley's and Midtown East. Hanley's is quickly becoming my favorite NY comic shop with their rows and rows of comics, trades, gns, mini-comics, magazines and more. You really can find just about anything there, cover price, unlike Midtown that loves their price-tag gun. And, as an added bonus, Hanley's was playing the Dreamgirls movie soundtrack which sounds pretty good. Looking forward to seeing that over Christmas.

I ended the night with a whole slew of friends from the podcasting world including Mr. Phil from ISRack, Joe & Jimmy from CNI, Denise of Birds of Geek and listeners Tony, Chris, Raf, David D. and a brief appearance by Mitch. Fun group, great restaurant, many drinks. I had a great time and hope to make it up there again soon in the New Year.

I don't really miss New York as a place to live - Philly is my choice of home-away-from-home - but it is great to walk around to all the theatres and see what's in, what's coming in and what's leaving (bye bye High Fidelity).

Looking forward to going back in February for the second annual New York Comic Con.


Saturday, December 09, 2006


You all rock my shit.

To Jenny Lee, Megan S. and Kelley F.

I raise my leftover Smirnoff Ice.

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