Peter's Comic Book Ramblings

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, at least temporarily. The move to Philly begins tomorrow. I finally get to see my room. That'll help me determine what's going with me, what's going in storage and what's being tossed away. So I'll be back and forth between Reading/Philly a few times before I'm fully moved in.

I'm also going to try and see some shows while I'm there for a few days. Friends of mine are doing Assassins. The new Phila. Theatre Co. is doing Being Alive. And other friends are doing Into the Woods at Temple. So it could be a busy week of theatre-going. Which is okay in my book.

So if you want to get ahold of me while in town, give me a ring/text/message.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm moving back to Philly in a week or so, and the best thing about it is: the Purge!

As I go through my clothes and books and papers and, as George Carlin calls it, my STUFF, I get to throw those things away that I just can't keep carrying with me anymore. I even have boxes of stuff that I haven't opened since I moved out of NY three years ago. Come on! Do I really need that stuff???

So the great Purge begins again - this is the third time I've done this - and I always feel lighter afterwards. If you haven't ever purged, you seriously need to. It sheds off the unwanted echoes of the past and gives more space for the future.

Look at that. I just got all Jedi.

Sunday, October 07, 2007


So I just finished up a fun week in New York while I finished the first leg of my current corporate event. I managed to spend some time in NY hangin with friends, I saw the Late Show with David Letterman for the first time (I'm such a tourist), I did a little shopping, etc. etc. etc. The east coast decided to have a mini-heat wave which sucked but it was fun anyway. The event was at the Nokia Theatre on Broadway. So in some strange way, I can say I performed on B'way. haha. I had a fantastic dinner at the Blue Fin on Times Square, had my first taste of caviar and really wished I had someone to dance the night away after that. Something about NY makes me want to stay up all night.

In any eveny, a great time was had and I have a week before the last leg of this gig starts up in Philly.

I also was offered two jobs from people who found out I was moving back to Philly. Nothing major, but it's nice to know I'll be working through March or May. yippee.